Saturday, June 16, 2007

Analytics Simplified......

Have been thinkin for a while to sit down and put these thoughts down so that a dialogue could be initiated and we all could get to learn more on the fascinating subject of web analytics.

Simply put analytics would be the science and equally so the art of studying the behaviour of the actions ocurring in a space inorder to arrive at actionable information to support decision making.

Now as funny as it may sound, even a highly regarded peer information source such as wikipedia cant arrive at a satisfactory definition of the word. More on that here .

Nevertheless, suffice to say that anaytics gives you the numbers to play around so that you can get a better picture to make decisions.

Now this gets more interesting and more relevant when we apply it to websites and online marketing
The key feature of any web related marketing activity is the fact that everything is measurable and quantified right from the moment someone clicks on your banner to the point of checking out from your website.

Now the very fact that everything is measurable and accountable leads to unprecendented accountability and shall i say reliability on online media.Because at the end of the day if the objective is to drive sales or to sell then why spend on website A or Approach B ( Email marketing, Search Ads, Viral Marketing) if you know that it doesnt work.

Which actually brings me to the point of how much information or analytics would one require to get enough information as to smoothen the transaction process and figure out which segments in a media plan works and doesnt work.

In the past few days two of my clients have shown a remarkable level of interest in knowing what happens beyond the click and what is really working for them and not working for them.

In lieu of this i jus did some diggin around in order to understand where to start in this regard.

I have to admit that i jus know the few bare minimal things on web analytics ie, the various vendors in the market and the two primary types of web analytics sytems etc.

To clarify on this i jus did the usual basic reasearch on google

The 10 / 90 Rule for Magnificent Web Analytics Success » Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik

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