Saturday, June 23, 2007

DCist: Rochambeau Your Way to Free (Well, Almost) Tortillas

DCist: Rochambeau Your Way to Free (Well, Almost) Tortillas: "Rochambeau Your Way to Free (Well, Almost) Tortillas

snipshot_e4njq71x0ai.jpgThanks to a tip from the writers at WeRiteGoode, we are letting you know of yet another fast food giveaway (well, almost).

For those of you who find that standing in extensive lines for a dollop of ice cream or a free doughnut is a tad 'lazy,' California Tortilla is offering a bit of competition with their discount. For today only, if you beat the cashier in a game of Rock Paper Scissors, (Rochambeau, Jankenpon, Muk-Chi-Ba, etc...) you will earn $1 off any entrée item. But please, do not play the 'extreme' variation and assault the cashier afterwards. Bask in your win while munching on some tortilla chips.

If you've forgotten how to play, you should brush up on the World RPS Society's rules, and practice some Rochambeau tactics. With enough practice, you too will feel the satisfaction of earning your $1 discount and perhaps find yourself in any number of RPS championships. Don't forget to stretch, or you'll sprain a finger.

Locations can be found throughout the D.C. area, including Chinatown, Cleveland Park, Courthouse Arlington, Bethesda, and Silver Spring."

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